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what biology in a box feels like

cold is legendary for the power to soothe pain and easy aches. KRIO-cold takes this to even further levels with unparalleled anti-inflammatory properties and triggering of antioxidants to further aid healing

the KRIO bio-trigger spikes oxygen levels in your blood, nourishing your muscles with power, your skin with vitality and glow, and reaches the parts of your brain other things can’t. Enjoy the boost of strength to mind, body and soul

a happy factory is immediately triggered, oozing high concentrations of happy hormones through you guaranteeing a fantastic mood. And in concert with the super-flow circulation of your blood means your vitality and oomph are sky-high. Add in the Energy molecules that are automatically activated...Boom-Boom. Ignite the Success

perhaps we can’t make you Einstein, but you will enjoy a charge of brain-focus and brain-empowering biochemicals. Not only elevating your game, but taking care of the dirty business as-well: as a toxin-cleanse is triggered emptying you of nasties and trash. Which all eventually accumulate into your brain & thoughts. Banish them and ReBoot.

Be like Buddha. A cascade of chillin’ & zen-like molecules and biochemistry augment a near-instant meditative effect. Find your tao, and turbocharge yourself to version 2.0. Hey I’m not sure we can all be as kool as fonzi, but the KRIO is automatic chill-factor

Shape & smoothin’: We can’t say exactly how many calories will get burned, nor how quickly you’ll re-shape fat on your body. But the simple science is: your metabolism is increased in compensation to the cold: your body also turns fat into brown-fat (good fat that can be used for both energy and does fall off you faster). As a bonus: every session is a mini-facial with collagen and elastin being triggered to smooth your skin, and instant amplification of your sexiness!
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