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true KRIO is a simple BIOLOGICAL-trigger
...You know of....Good fats/bad fats...well how about: Good stress/bad stress
Good Stress is beautiful BIOLOGY!
Your DNA, your entire essence is founded on the origin of mankind when we shared the planet with dinosaurs! Yeah they were pretty much our only cause of ‘stress’ and we’re set up for a ‘fight or flight’ response. Fight the beast or ‘fly’ away!
Today: there’s no dinosaurs: instead just chronic ‘bad’ stress and inflammation surrounding us in our hectic, congested, chaotic, consuming helter-skelter lifestyle.
  • Problem is our coping-mechanism is still the same, but the ‘rush from the dinosaur’ (good stress) doesn’t exist to correctly trigger the right solution.
Instead we just get an overworked but under-dosed constant dose, leading to just a stream of constant ‘bad’ stress and inflammation, as opposed to a short burst of remedy and happiness solution.
That’s what krio does: it creates a kind of virtual-reality dinosaur fight/flight! ‘good stress’
Good-stress is Your ‘dinosaur-style’ fight/flight: a supercharged combination & cocktail of hormones, neuromuscular reaction to leave you superhuman!
Bad stress creates an increase in the molecule called ‘nuclear factor kappa B’ (NF-kB)
  • In bad-stress NF-kB activates cytokines – these cause inflammation
BUT the amazing thing is, you can actually stimulate the ‘reverse’
  • And reduce the inflammation process! …that’s good stress!
  • That’s why the initial excitement in Krio has been by athletes as they crave the amazing effects to reduce inflammation
BUT it’s so much more!
  • Inflammation essentially creates ever nasty disease plagueing us: heart-disease, arthritis, diabetes, Alzheimer etc…
And continued use helps change your actual DNA!
  • At the end of each strand of DNA are telomeres. They are like end-caps, protecting your DNA as your cells divide. But as DNA gets shorter your DNA gets damaged, you get older, you break down!
  • Bad-Stress accelerates this
  • KRIO & good-stress saves this! The good-stress makes you stronger. KRIO protects your telomeres by switching on telomerase an enzyme process that stimulates your telomeres to grow longer and protect your DNA
Working from deep in to out!
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